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What Does an Orthodontic Assessment Include?

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Evan
What Does an Orthodontic Assessment Include?Many patients understandably have questions about what occurs during an orthodontic assessment. During an appointment at our office, our dentist will assess the dental history and medical history of the patient. Moreover, the initial position of the permanent incisor teeth should be determined as well. A radiographic examination is commenced to confirm if any abnormality is suspected. With the obtained results in the radiographic examination, a treatment plan is prepared in order to correct any suspected abnormalities.

A Patient's Dental History

It is vital to know the patient's dental history to document the following treatments that would be made for the betterment of their oral appearance and hygiene. Some of the aspects that will be needed for dental history are the alignment of teeth, tooth loss, crowding and spacing of the teeth, and posterior and anterior crossbites. At every check-up with our dentist, a patient's dental history would be updated, especially if they are seeking treatment for any underlying oral health concerns.

A Patient's Medical History

Determining a patient's medical history is also essential, especially when undergoing a dental assessment or oral treatment. This is to avoid complications when treatment is ongoing and keep the patient well and healthy before, during, and after the oral treatment. The conditions that may affect the oral treatment are epilepsy, rheumatic fever, recurrent aphthous ulceration (RAU), hay fever, or other prevalent medical conditions.

The Oral Examination

Our dentist will then perform an extra oral examination to determine other influences that may affect the malocclusion in the patient's teeth. This will help us assess the patient's overall oral health. The soft tissue environment in the oral health and the skeletal pattern is noted to document which part to modify and correct using the proper treatment plans.

Furthermore, our dentist's intra-oral examination is also done during the patient's appointment. The assessment includes determining erupted teeth, permanent teeth with poor prognosis, oral condition, the posterior and anterior crossbite, and other more that affects the patient's oral condition. To learn more about what happens during an orthodontic assessment, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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