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What is a Dental Extraction?

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Evan
What is a Dental Extraction?An extraction is the process that our dentists perform to remove a tooth. Along with fillings and cleanings, it is one of the most performed dental procedures. Once we extract a tooth, it is irreversible, so we always tend to exhaust other alternatives beforehand, just as we must discuss what protocol to follow with the excess space.

What Types of Extraction Are There?

We have the simple extraction, where our dentist can extract the tooth in a single piece, with all its roots included. It is the most common type of extraction. We will remove the whole tooth, roots included.

In sectional extraction, due to the multiple directions of the roots or the level of deterioration, it is impossible to remove it in a single piece, therefore we must cut the roots into several parts and thus remove them individually.

Finally, we have the surgical extraction. In this case, the tooth that we will remove complicates the process, as in impacted or broken teeth under the gum. For this, we must remove part of the gingival tissue to expose the bone that supports the tooth, part of which we must remove in order to consequently extract the tooth. Then, we must repair the damaged gingival tissue using sutures, for optimal healing.

Which Type Of Extraction Do I Need?

Our dentists will decide which is the best form of extraction for your case, after a previous study, which includes X-ray imaging and an examination of your mouth. In some cases, our dentists will only be able to determine the optimal type of extraction once we begin the process. Regardless, we will always know how to choose the best option for you and we will make the extraction a positive and enjoyable experience. Contact us to learn more about this procedure and determine if you need one.

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