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Why It Is So Dangerous to Bite Your Fingernails?

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Evan
Why It Is So Dangerous to Bite Your Fingernails?Nail-biting is a habit that affects many children, teenagers, and some adults. Most people bite their nails because of anxiety, fear, or boredom. You may not notice when doing it, but once it becomes a habit, it can be hard to stop. Always trim your nails or get a manicure to prevent the habit. Your teeth might look stronger than fingernails, but nail-biting can cause severe damages to your teeth.

Weakens the Teeth

Fingernail biting may make your teeth weak. If you bite your nails when you are under orthodontic treatment, such as braces, it can lead to root resorption. When your teeth roots get exposed, your teeth become weak, and biting hard foods can be a problem. Also, the dirt and the bacteria from your nails may stick to your teeth, which can cause gum diseases. Gum diseases are also a significant cause of weak teeth. Also, nail-biting can cause bruxism which can weaken your teeth and lead to headaches and soreness.

Teeth Erosion and Cracking

Nail-biting can cause chipping of the teeth. When biting your nails, your teeth can collide hard, which can cause your teeth to crack. Your nails are harder than you think, and biting them means straining your teeth. The friction caused by nail chewing can destroy your teeth' enamel or even cause your teeth to crack. The nail chip is always so small, and when chewing it, you will be grinding your teeth against each other, which can lead to teeth erosion. The damages caused by nail-biting can result in malocclusion and gaps, leading to difficulty in chewing. Root resorption is another dangerous outcome associated with fingernail biting. Jaw resorption exposes your teeth to diseases and increases the chances of teeth loss. Visit us for more dental advice.
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