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Does Teeth Whitening Last Forever?

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Evan
Does Teeth Whitening Last Forever?As much as you would want your teeth to stay whiter after the whitening treatment, unfortunately, that does not happen. The teeth begin to yellow again. The staining doesn't occur immediately, so you begin to see the chances after several months or years. You will need to get another whitening procedure in the future to restore the white color of the teeth. A dentist will tell you when you should come for another whitening treatment based on the exams you get regularly.

Types of Stains and Discolorations

If the stains are just on the surface of the teeth, they are referred to as extrinsic and they can be eliminated with in-office cleaning and whitening procedures. Discoloration may also arise due to changes in the tooth itself. If the dental stain is occurring due to issues below the surface of the teeth, it is referred to as intrinsic staining. This kind of yellowing can be permanent in that it does not go away with typical whitening procedures. Intrinsic yellowing of teeth may occur from excessive fluoride use and certain medications.

The number of sessions a dentist will perform to whiten teeth depend on the whitening product and the severity of the teeth' yellowing. Stronger hydrogen peroxide gels or solutions may require few sessions than lighter solutions.

The White Diet

People who have a predisposition for teeth staining may want to keep the white diet. A diet focusing on white foods may be healthy in the short term, so it is important to evaluate your overall health and have a wider range of foods that enhance your nutrient and mineral intake.

These include dairy products like cheese, milk, and yogurt. Past, white wine, chicken and fish or rice apples, cauliflowers, and bananas are also good examples of white diet foods and beverages.

Make sure that if you are consuming a white diet, you don't compromise your nutritional needs over keeping whiter teeth. Contact us about teeth whitening and ways to avert tooth discoloration and staining.

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